Comfortland Hinged Knee Brace (12″)

The Comfortland hinged knee brace offers flexible application as well as exceptional support throughout post-operative rehabilitation. Designed to treat mild injuries of the collateral ligaments, menisci, and patellar retinaculum, the hinged knee brace’s front closure system and elastic straps allow easy application and tension adjustment, while sturdy lateral hinges provide ligament support and can be adjusted to limit extension between 0 and 60 degrees.

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Sugg HCPC: L1832/ L1833

Chronic knee instability
Sprains and strains of the knee
Mild injuries of the collateral ligaments

Front closure for easy application
Sturdy lateral supports
Adjustable ROM hinge

Part # Size
CK-111-2Small (Less than 18" thigh)
CK-111-3Medium (18"-21" thigh)
CK-111-4Large (21"-24" thigh)
CK-111-5X-Large (24"-27" thigh)
CK-111-6XX-Large (27"-30" thigh)
CK-111-7XXX-Large (30"-35" thigh)
CK-111-8XXXX-Large (35"-40" thigh)
CK-111-9XXXXX-Large (40"-46" thigh)