8″ Universal Wrist and Thumb Splint

Ideal in treating De Quervain’s Syndrome, Gamekeeper’s Thumb, and carpometacarpal instabilities, the premium wrist and thumb splints feature the same construction and ease-of-use as the wrist extension splints, with the addition of an adjustable thumb stay, perfect for immobilizing the thumb for during the healing process. The malleable palmar stay stops just short of the distal palmar, allowing full range of motion for the fingers. One size fits all.

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Sugg HCPC: L3807/ L3809

De Quervain’s Syndrome
Gamekeeper’s Thumb
Carpometacarpal instabilities

Hook straps w/ D-ring closures
Adjustable thumb stay
Unique sizing system fits most wrists

Part # Size
31-200-LUniversal Left (One size fits all)
31-200-RUniversal Right (One size fits all)